Defra Publishes New RDF Definition

As of the 20th November, an official definition has been published by Defra to clarify what is expected of waste described as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).  Defra has worked closely with a range of operators with an interest in the RDF sector to develop the definition with the aim of helping the Environment Agency better regulate the RDF sector.

Welsh Government Opens Consultation on Landfill Disposals Tax

The Welsh Government yesterday (24/02/15) launched a consultation as to how they should use funds generated by a new "Landfill Disposals Tax", a proposed replacement to the existing Landfill Tax from April 2018.  The new devolved power under the Wales Act 2014 will allow Wales to design and shape a new tax to reflect Welsh priorities and needs.  The consultation is open until 19th May 2015.