About us

We provide hands on support that achieves tangible results, giving the support you need, when you need it

Technia Environment and Planning Ltd are infrastructure development and environmental consultants with a reputation for achieving real results.

Originally a division of a successful business consultancy, we became an independent company in 2014 and have grown rapidly in the intervening period.

The company provides a range of complementary services including town planning, environmental permitting, environmental compliance, project development/management and resource efficiency assessments among others, and has successfully delivered projects in the waste, recycling, renewable energy, construction, commercial/industrial property and leisure sectors.

Once engaged, we become core members of a customer's project team, providing strategic and operational support and working closely with them to accelerate the delivery of tangible results.  We provide expertise, impetus and focus to help customers develop and deliver their projects from conception to operation and our experienced team of consultants are recognised for their expertise, professionalism, knowledge and creativity, which, allied with pragmatic thinking, delivers solutions to the most complex problems.

We are dedicated to helping organisations achieve their business aims and develop their projects efficiently, cost-effectively and with the minimum of environmental impact.