Training & Accreditation

Do you need assistance to identify training needs and improve the skills and knowledge of your workforce?

We can carry out skill audits to identify knowledge gaps within the workforce and provide training to upskill and improve the performance of your staff.  We can assist in enabling staff to understand the key requirements necessary for the business to operate effectively and with minimum risk of prosecution.

To make your business as efficient and effective as possible, we can:

  • Provide induction training.
  • Provide Waste Awareness training.
  • Provide support to achieve and maintain WAMITAB accreditation.
  • Provide support to achieve PAS402 accreditation.

Provide induction training and toolbox talks to ensure your new starters and expoerienced staff are aware or reminded of the fundamentals of working for the business.  Examples of traing packages include staff and employer responsibilities, awareness of Health and Safety including risk assessments, permits to work, environmental compliance and waste regulations.

Provide Waste Awareness training to help you gain a better understanding of the waste sector including identifying different types of waste, your legal responsibilities, conducting a waste audit, reducing, reusing and recycling waste and how to deal with and dispose of waste safely.

Provide support to achieve and maintain WAMITAB accreditation to enable you to maintain compliance with the requirements of your Environmental Permit and assist in the effective management and compliance of your business operations.  We can also arrange for assessments and accreditation through one of of partner organisations.

Provide support to achieve PAS402:2013 accreditation in order for you to demonstrate your organisation's performance against key areas of delivery, including landfill diversion and materials recovery.  Accreditation demonstrates the capability of the company's reporting systems and can provide clients such as government and local authorities with a framework for good practice which they can specify within their procurement activities.  Our Consultants are recognised Implementers for Constructing Excellence in Wales' Green Compass Scheme that provides the mechanism to demonstrate conformance to PAS402:2013 requirements.

Our consultants provide tailored, bespoke training packages that fit around your business and are suited to your needs.  We provide hands on support to ensure your employees learn fully and gain as much from the training as possible.