Resource Efficiency

Do you need assistance to identify areas where your business could be more efficient or reduce resource usage?

We can help you monitor your business, assess your resource usage and identify areas for improvement and cost saving.

To make your business as efficient and effective as possible, we can:

  • Conduct resource audits.
  • Conduct waste/recycling audits.

Conduct resource audits.  Establishing your water, energy and material usage and identifying ways for you to minimise wastage and reduce costs.  We can also identify renewable energy solutions for your business, providing environmentally sustainable electricity or heat for your business and at the same time saving money.

Conduct waste and recycling audits to establish the composition of waste on site and identify ways to reduce waste and increase recycling.  We can also identify whether you are maximising recycling opportunities and assist you in realising these opportunities to reduce costs.  

Our consultants have a wealth of experience assisting customers to improve the way they deal with waste and resources.  This includes ensuring efficient segregation of waste, identification of the most suitable and cost effective end use for waste materials, reducing energy or water usage or improving operational performance to reduce resource usage and costs.