South Wales Wood Recycling, Bridgend

Services Delivered: Town planning, Environmental studies and management plans, Site searches, Planning feasibility studies

South Wales Wood Recycling is one of Wales’ largest recycling businesses and specialises in the recycling of various grades of municipal, Construction and Demolition, and Commercial and Industrial wood.

We were commissioned by South Wales Wood Recycling to investigate the feasibility of expanding their processing facilities and assist in securing the necessary statutory consents.

Our work included:

  • A feedstock availability study;
  • A detailed search for and planning feasbility assessment of sites to enable further expansion;
  • Preparation of a planning application, supporting studies and management plans;
  • Engagement with stakeholders and consultees;
  • Discharge of Planning Conditions;
  • Detailed design, building regulations and securing discharge consents from the statutory undertaker; and
  • Studies and management plans for environmental permitting.

“We began working with TEPL after hitting a bit of a road block.

TEPL had the expertise and experience to make the whole process as smooth and straight-forward as possible, helping with planning applications and even giving us a good idea of the kind of technology we would need to expand onto new sites.

Working with Stuart and his team has been a pleasure and I cannot recommend them enough.”

Kevin Burke, Director – South Wales Wood Recycling