Welsh Government Opens Consultation on Landfill Disposals Tax

The Welsh Government yesterday (24/02/15) launched a consultation as to how they should use funds generated by a new "Landfill Disposals Tax", a proposed replacement to the existing Landfill Tax from April 2018.  The new devolved power under the Wales Act 2014 will allow Wales to design and shape a new tax to reflect Welsh priorities and needs.  The consultation is open until 19th May 2015.

Commenting on the launch, Jane Hutt, Minister for Finance and Government Business stated

"The current Landfill Tax is a significant driver of environmental behaviour, encouraging greater prevention, re-use, recycling and recovery of waste. Its devolution therefore provides us with a useful additional lever to support Welsh Government policies, including the pursuit of our ambitious goal of zero waste.

An important aspect of the tax development work covers compliance. I want to ensure that all those who have waste to dispose of comply with the tax fully and properly. Avoidance and evasion deprive our valued public services. It also gives tax evaders an unfair advantage over those law-abiding businesses and individuals who pay their fair share. This is unacceptable and we will consider all the available tools to deter and take action against those who are seeking to avoid or evade tax.

Landfill Disposals Tax will affect a broad range of interests - businesses, regulators, communities and the Third Sector. That is why we want to hear a wide range of views to help us design and ensure that this tax works well for Wales."

For further details and to download a copy of the consultation documents please visit the Welsh Government's website.