Nolan Recycling Limited - Publicity and Consultation Before Applying for Planning Permission (CLOSED)

This consultation is now closed.

Publicity and Consultation in Accordance with Articles 2C and 2D of Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (Wales) Order 2012.

On behalf of Nolan Recycling Limited, we are undertaking publicity and consultation before applying for planning permission for Engineering Works to Construct Processing Areas, Storage Areas, Acoustic Bunds and Visual Screening Bunds, Erection of Aggregates Recycling Plant and Acoustic Screen, Construction of Weighbridge Office, Ancillary Works and Landscaping (Part-Retrospective) at Land Adjacent to Stormy Down Quarry, Heol-Y-Splott, Pyle, Bridgend, CF33 4RS. 

Under the above order the Applicant is required to serve notice on owners and/or occupiers of adjoining land and Community Consultees (as defined by the above Order) and to display a site notice on or near the location of the proposed development.  The formal notices were served and the site notice posted outside of the site on Wednesday 24th August 2022.

Continuing the Applicant's commitment to engaging openly with the local community, we are also making the Community Consultee's pre-application consultation information pack available on this web site where it can be viewed by local residents and businesses who do not fall within the formal definition of a Community Consultee.  

Anyone who wishes to make representations about the proposed development must write to the agent at or Technia Environment and Planning Limited, Unit 1, Oakdale Business Park, Blackwood, NP12 4AB by 20th September 2022.